Change be not changed!

Change is a wonderful word. And such is its nature… Change is the unchangable force that we all must embrace. Only when we slip through the veil of aprehension, could we truly see the beauty of Change.  The parental force of growth is Change.  For we must keep moving, Change should be our assurance to […]


We try endlessly to prove ourselves. We engage ourselves in actions that are expected to speak louder than themselves. And due to their extremities, the blend of contradiction traps us. We are in our own worlds of chaos. We make chaos in hope of perceiving clarity. Always moving, we tend to overdo. But we forget […]

Why could we never find our “true-self”

The notion of “self” has been emanated so profoundly, that we believe it is comprehensible. Believing as if signing a contract saying “do this for bazillion hours” would get us to know ‘the’ self. But in reality (if there is one), We could never be one type , a  constant… We are of impossibilities, with […]

It starts from nothing…

Nothing. That’s the word we are afraid to have That’s the word we want to loose That’s the word we are afraid to be. But just like any masterpiece, we start from nothing.  And yes, we are masterpieces in working. We are masterpieces of our own kind. We shape ourselves from nothing,  for nothing is […]

Listen To the Unspoken.

More than just to hear the sounds that surround you, Listen to what anything tries to tell you. It might be difficult, it might be obscuring, it might be unrealistic. But it is not impossible. And for sure, it is your minds playing tricks.  It is your mind playing tricks on that restrained part of […]