Listen To the Unspoken.

More than just to hear the sounds that surround you,

Listen to what anything tries to tell you.

It might be difficult, it might be obscuring, it might be unrealistic.

But it is not impossible.

And for sure, it is your minds playing tricks. 

It is your mind playing tricks on that restrained part of mind.

On the Mind that is made to think that reality controls imagination.

Mind that is made to unsee and unhear the possibilities of new creation.

Mind that is bottle-necked to do the expected.

So listen to the unspoken.

So listen to your resilient part of mind that tries to speak to you in ways.

Just listen.

With no fear.


– (R.G.B.)

Word the World!

Words could hurt some one unintentionally ,

But also words could make one smile.

Words could make someone fall asleep,

But at the same time, 

Words could make one be inspired.

We all have the power to use our words 

and it’s upon us how we use them.

So why not we use those words wisely and make a masterpiece come true?

Be it your voice, your writing, your painting or any other work…

You can, with your true effort, make a wonder which would then speak volumes.

Be the creator of this new world. 

Use your words to offer your thoughts to the world.  Make them happen.

And together we will make a masterpiece come true!


Hoping to hope.


Such a hopeful word.

A medicine one needy would take.

A rope one climber would wish for.

A wise tree on which a kid plays…


Hope could be a drug one might get addicted to…

A deep chasm in which if one once gone,

wouldn’t bear to upfront the reality.


Then, mustn’t we hope?


Hope for the better yet balance to be awake…

Get the best of both worlds.



She could breathe…

In a world of chaos she tried to meander…

For a frame of ‘discipline’ she tried to narrow herself down…

And when in the darkness her eyes were open, the sudden brightness would scare her. She did not love the change. 

She wouldn’t able herself to move further. 

But when she tried to break the ties of social norms, she burgeoned.

Treading, she did embrace the brightness.

For it was the fresh air…

The air of enchanting possibilities for a true human.

A compassionate soul, a human.

She could breathe.

We create-us…

The world of now is born out of our imagination. 

Our perception builds the foundation of our perspective. 

The perspective then influences our actions.

Our actions shape our surroundings.

 The world is by each of us.

We all matter. For, many minds together for a cause can do wonders.


Human possible 

God is a term given to the manifestation of the special kind of energy we humans produce… 

We are more than we could fathom to be. Only hurdle is the humaneness we tend to disregard.

 (Yes we err but we rev. And we must never push our benevolent self away…)

There are noble things out there but we forget that we ourselves are a world of unimaginable possibilities. Yet one could not be the best of himself, if the ‘one’ forgets to be human.